Decorative wall paints

Decorative wall paints - Farbex DECOLINE

With decorative wall colors you give your walls trend effects. Refine your walls with a velvety glossy look or with a glitter with gold or silver or give your walls an antique touch.

Farbex wall paints give your walls a glamorous look thanks to glaze effects, mother-of-pearl effects, satin finishing and chiaroscuro effects.

Farbex decorative paints are suitable for prestigious ambiences, villas, elegant apartments, studios and practices, hotels, shops, conversions, country and farmhouses and much more

The wall colors are available in many different colors.

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Decorative wall paints

dekorative Wandfarbe Setteveli-web

SETTEVELI is a washable and breathable decorative coating with an “antique glaze” effect for indoor use. Contrasting color with a fine and sandy glaze effect.

Dekorative Wandfarbe Murano-web

The decorative wall paint MURANO is slightly satin and with a distinctive embossing. Chiaroscuro effects with subtle nuances.

Dekorative Wandfarbe Madreperla-web

MADREPERLA is applied with a brush. Enriched with pearl reflections, this product gives surfaces a velvety look and achieves pleasant light refraction effects.

Dekorative Wandfarbe Sharazade-web

SHARAZADE is a washable and breathable decorative paint with a pearl effect for indoor use. Basic color silver.

Dekorative Wandfarbe Sharazade-lux

SHARAZADE LUX is a washable and breathable decorative paint with a pearl effect for indoor use. Basic color bronze and gold.

Dekorative Wandfarbe Veicot-Pearll-web

VEICOT PEARL is an easy-to-apply decorative wall paint with a mother-of-pearl effect that impresses with selected elegance. The appearance awakens reminiscences of antique decorations from the Renaissance.

Dekorative Wandfarbe Veicot-web

VEICOT is a decorative wall paint for application with a brush + spatula, which can be easily processed. Reproduces the aesthetic effect of the elegant “OPUS SIGNINUM” from the Renaissance.

Dekorative Wandfarbe Farbel

FARBEL is a decorative wall painting that is based on the old "VENETIAN STUCCO" and creates an effective characterization of great elegance and sophistication.