Varia air display

VariaAir display
Facade, wall cladding and advertising signs with PVC tiles

VariAir Display is an exclusive, modern way your To design facade, wall, shop window, shop, exhibition stand or advertising sign decorative and creative.

VariAir Display consists of many PVC plates that are attached to plates with pins. The PVC plates hang on pins - they move in the wind and reflect the light (but they are also available in matt), which creates a lively glittering effect.

Weatherproof, non-flammable on request. You can decoratively implement pictures (works of art), logos, advertising texts in various colors and surfaces.

Take a look at our picture gallery for design examples and read the technical details below.

Technical details


Material: Polystyrene impact and weatherproof with weatherproof aluminum suspension pins with head holder.

Dimensions: 300 x 300 x 2/17 mm, divided into 100 squares 30/30 mm with one hanging pin each

Color: Black

Assembly: The base plates can be screwed, nailed and riveted or glued using adhesive corners or tapes.


Material: Metallized special film, matt or high-gloss reflective, dust-repellent, maintenance-free and stormproof; lightfast and weatherproof depending on environmental impact.

Dimensions: 29 mm Ø, 0.2 to 0.28 mm thick, spacing between the grid points 1 mm

Weight: 3.3 kg per square meter