With us you will find curtain rods made of wood, brass and wrought iron as well as the matching accessories

Our curtain rods with a wide range of accessories are still handcrafted to this day.

Our bestsellers:

Curtain rods mini gallery

80mm (1-2) 60mm (2+)

Tuillerie 090102090130 RI PineappleTete de Lion 090109Ramshead 090102Knot 090124Knot 090124


PferdRamshead 090101Ramshead 090103090130 RI Pineapple, Pinie, Pommes de pinLarge Louis XVI 1070Large Louis XVI 1069Fleche 1120Plume 1120Palmette Empire 1126Grande PalmettePalmette exotique 1133Foliage 090104Globe 090119Large Louis XVI 1070070364070364070364Boule Bruessel 090130


LXVI IvilleFlamme 1460Grande Palmette 1131Louis XV 190221Louis XVI 190211 brLouis XVI 190211Palmette exotique 1134Chou-Fleur 1102Biedermeier 1148Palmette bouquet 2049Louis XVI mixed 3400Fleur de Lys 1050Palmette Louis XV 1125Grande Palmette 1129Facette 1092Charles X 190232Petite Fleche 190231Petite Plume 190231Empire 1100Louis XV 1072Louis XV 1072 VGPalmette Empire 1127Art Deco 2089Plissee Pointue 1037Louis XVI mixed Nickel 3400 NGland 1113Plissee 1035Petit Palmette EmpirePrestige 1155Boule 1159Prestige 1155Rondon 1115Cabouchon 1400English 190207Boule Nickel 2059NBoule 2060Grande Boule 1162Louis XV 1072Boule 1158Plume 1120-2Grande Boule 1162Rondon 1115Plissee 1035Grande Boule 070364Directoire 070347Louis XVI 070321Boule Chrom 1172Belon Chrom 1140Boule Plissee 1036

40mm curtain rod sets made of wood

Rennaissance 070342Louis XVI 070321Feuille d'eauDirectoire 070347Louis XVI 070337Louis XV 070316Louis XV-XVI 070332Anglais 070301


Capucine 1300Anglais 1111Louis XVI 1066Rose Rouge 1183Rose Blanche 1184Petite Boule 1164Anglais 1111Capucine 1300


Grape de Raisin 2149Pomme de Pin 2159Grenade 2169Oignon 2179Pomme de Pin 2159Grape de Raisin 2149Grenade 2169Pomme de Pin 2159CV goldfarbenCV satiniert

wrought iron

Eisen, Iron, Fer 1541Eisen, Iron, Fer 1548Eisen, Iron, Fer 1530Eisen, Iron, Fer 1530Eisen, Iron, Fer 1543Eisen, Iron, Fer 1524Eisen, Iron, Fer 1528

Rail systems - Varia Alu-T-Rail - 27

Varia Alu-T-Schiene - 27Varia Alu-T-Schiene - 27Varia Alu-T-Schiene - 27Varia Alu-T-Schiene - 27

Curtain rod catalog and price list

Protected: Preisliste Varia Vorhangstangen
Protected: Preisliste Varia Vorhangstangen
Size: 3.7MB

Curtain rod accessories

In the catalog from page 30

  • Curtain holder & tieback made of brass
  • Tiebacks made of wood
  • Swinging tiebacks made of brass & iron
  • Curtain rod brackets & wall brackets made of brass and chrome
  • Curtain rings made of wood, brass, chrome and iron
  • Curtain rod supports & wall bearings made of wood and iron
  • Throwing rods and pull tassels
  • Bed crowns
  • Curtain rods, hooks, tapes and stair accessories

Our bestsellers:

Our presentations for your showroom:

Curtain rod profiles and colors


Curtain rod profiles wood and brass

Vorhangstangen Farben

Curtain rods wood colors

Vorhangstangen Messing und Eisen Farben

Curtain rods brass and iron colors

Our full range of curtain rods and curtain rod accessories:


History of our curtain rods

The origin of these classic curtain rods goes back to the 18th century. We rediscovered the old forms and started making them again. The many years of experience, rich in tradition, of our foundry, which has existed since 1881, enables us to manufacture the old molds of the highest quality today.

We are convinced that we have given the interior designers new impulses, and this has made the classic curtain rod a decorative element of interior design again.

In terms of style, we offer the sophisticated interior design an extensive selection of curtain rod sets, which range from the well-known French styles to the modern sets.

Handcrafted one-off production

Our curtain poles with the wide range of accessories are still manufactured individually today. This is how, among other things, the massive brass buttons are made using the sand casting process. Then all parts are individually sanded, chiselled and polished, zaponiert or patinated by hand.

Curtain rods made of brass

The brass rods are either fully rounded or open at the top with a gutter on the top for the installation of a cord.

Curtain rods made of wood

Our wooden poles are made of seasoned solid wood and are delivered smooth or cannulated to match the individual end buttons with cord pull options.

Wooden end buttons

The end buttons are turned from valuable woods and partly hand-carved. Finally, the wooden parts are either stained and waxed, colored glazed, gold-plated, silver-plated or set.

Our versatile offer includes:

  • Brass curtain rods with end buttons and rings
  • Curtain rods made of wood with end buttons and rings
  • Curtain rods with a diameter of 60mm, 50mm, 40mm, 30mm and 20mm in various profiles and surfaces.
  • Brass surfaces in antique patina, polished, zaponed, shiny nickel, matt nickel, antique bronze and verdigris
  • Wrought iron and rust finish iron surfaces
  • More than 20 wood colors
  • Curtain rods accessories for exclusive interior decoration.

Supplier of curtain rod sets for high-quality interior design shops

In Europe and the USA, we are the supplier of high-quality interior design shops, architects and exclusive furniture shops with our curtain rod sets.

The Leuthenmayr company embodies the highest standards with timeless taste and extraordinary design!