High quality metal curtains with geometric motifs

Metal curtains with geometric shapes & #8211; Room divider for showrooms, hotels, restaurants etc.

Orient & circles

Orient is a particularly atmospheric curtain in various designs

Metallvorhang Orient
Metallvorhang Kreise Plättchen
Metallvorhang Kreise

Stainless steel / aluminum
Plate Ø: 40 mm
Load capacity: 25kg


Metallvorhang Kreise Gewicht
Metallvorhang Kreise Details


The metal curtain with rectangles conveys a very noble and high-quality mood.

Metallvorhang Rechtecke
Metallvorhang Rechtecke Plättchen S
Metallvorhang Rechtecke Hotelzimmer

Stainless steel / aluminum
Tile S:
16.5 x 33 mm
Open area: 20 %
Stainless steel rings: Ø 4 mm
Load capacity: 25kg
stainless steel: 2.71 kg / m²
aluminum: 1.86 kg / m²

Tiles XL:
33 x 69 mm


We offer the Variatex metal curtain as a classic curtain or as a fringe curtain.

Metallvorhang Variatex
Metallvorhang Variatex Plättchen
Metallvorhang Variatex Hotelzimmer

Tile: 25 x 25 mm
Stainless steel rings: Ø 7 mm
Load capacity: 50kg
Weight: 1.44 kg / m² (with offset tiles)
Open area: 30 % (with offset tiles)


This metal curtain is very playful and is also available as a fringe curtain.

Metallvorhang Quadrate
Metallvorhang Quadrate Plättchen S
Metallvorhang Quadrate

Tile S:
15.7 x 15.7 mm
stainless steel
Weight: 1.54 kg / m²
Open area: 50 %
Stainless steel rings: Ø 4 mm
Load capacity 25kg

Tile L:
33 x 33 mm
Stainless steel / aluminum

Stainless steel curtain colors

Gold, white, black, bronze, polished

Edestahlvorhang Farben

Aluminum curtain colors

Copper, bronze, gunmetal, natural, gold

Aluminiumvorhang Farben


1.Classic curtain, rings: Ø 20mm, rod: Ø 5-12mm

2. Classic curtain, rings: Ø 36mm, rod: Ø 15-30mm

3. Suspension with +/- 120mm wide plates (allows opening and closing of the curtain)

4. Japanese curtain with +/- 500mm wide panels


1. Suspension for heavy curtains

2. Profile

3. Ceiling attachment

4. Wall mounting

Aufhängung für schwere Vorhänge