Non-flammable thread curtains M1

100% Trevira CS thread curtain

Varia thread curtains are non-flammable and can therefore also be used in public places.
We only use materials from 100% Trevira CS in M1 quality.

Custom made up to a height of 20 meters:

The standard size of our thread curtain is 2.10m wide x 3.20m high, but we also supply thread curtains up to 20 meters high.

Mobile room dividers

Our fringe curtains are of very high quality. You can use them as room dividers at events, trade fairs, hotels, restaurants, bars, and much more. Take a look at our pictures for inspiration.

Lighting effects / projections

Many different lighting effects can be created with thread curtains. In our picture gallery you will find examples of chandeliers, light columns, ceiling lights and projections.

String curtain flyer download

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Fadenvorhang Flyer


fadenvorhang farbpalette

We supply our thread curtain in the colors black, white, red, blue, yellow, anthracite, brown, mixed with gold and as lamés.

Easy transportation

Fadenvorhang gebündelt

Are tied in a knot Thread curtains easy to transport from event to event. They weigh little, take up almost no space and are extremely easy to handle.

Thread curtains for decoration at events

Thread curtains as room dividers at trade fairs and shopping centers

Thread curtains as room dividers in restaurants, hotels, offices and living areas

Thread curtains as lighting, chandeliers and light columns

Fringe curtains in the theater


We offer the ideal suspension for our fringe curtain for every situation.

Fadenvorhang mit Schlaufe


The curtain rod is pushed into the loop.

Fadenvorhang mit Faltenband

Curtain tape / gathering tape

Rings or hooks for the curtain rod are hung in the curtain tape.

Velcro Fadenvorhang

Velcro Velcro

The right suspension for mounting on walls or wooden slats. You will receive a self-adhesive Velcro Velcro tape, which you can stick to the wall / wooden slat and then optionally tack on / nail on. The thread curtain is attached to the Velcro with its fleece side. As a result, the nails are not visible.